WE BUY HOUSES in DC, MD, and VA !!

I'm in a world of trouble;
I need a way OUT! NOW!

Buy My House! So, do you have an UNWANTED HOUSE
to unload? Okay, yes, WE BUY HOUSES
from people just like you!
No Equity? ~Behind on Payments? ~Facing Foreclosure? ~Vacant? ~Needs Work? ~Expired Listing? ~Owe Back Taxes? ~Getting Divorced and Need to Cash Out Fast? ~Estate Needs to Get Settled ASAP? ~Job Loss? ~Lien or Title Issues? ~Relocating? Paying Two Mortgages?~Tired of Being a Landlord?...or maybe


I can solve your problem immediately!



  • To learn about the steps involved see the 4-Step Process to the right.
  • For a warm and fuzzy feeling watch the video.
  • To warm up to making that call and solving your problem review the "17 Questions" gives you an idea of the basic information needed.
  • To get started now call 301-346-4394



  • I can handle the entire transaction at no cost to you.
  • You pay no settlement company fees or real estate commissions.
  • You’ve seen the ads and signs everywhere. "WE BUY HOUSES". Now you can sell your UNWANTED HOUSE in a week--or a year--it's up to you. You choose.
  • You choose the closing date.
  • Everything can be done, by overnight mail, without your traveling to the settlement table. Whatever is convenient for you.
  • I need some basic information in order to write an offer and get it our hands ASAP.


17 Questions


  1. Is the property vacant? If not, who lives there?
  2. Why are you selling?
  3. Is there a mortgage? If so, what is the approximate balance? What is monthly payment? Are the payments current? If not, how many months are unpaid?
  4. What repairs and updates does the property need?
  5. Are there any issues, out of your control, that might effect this transaction e.g. bankruptcy, pending foreclosure auction, divorce, estate sale, etc.?
  6. If I could close in 10 days or less, would you consider selling the property to me for what you owe?
  7. Title to the property is held in what name(s)?
  8. What is the full property address?
  9. How many full bathrooms, half bathrooms, and bedrooms are there?
  10. Is there a basement? garage or other off street parking?
  11. Is the house detached or connected to the neighbor?
  12. Is it part of a home owners’ or condominium owners’ association?
  13. Is there anything else that you think I should know?
  14. What is the best email address to reach you?
  15. What is your name?
  16. What is the best phone number to reach you or leave a message?
  17. When would you like to close?

There comes a time
when every real estate owner is
ready to sell.
If YOUR time is now...
call (301)346-4394

I'm sittin' pretty now;
House is sold; the BURDEN IS LIFTED.
I'm on top of the world!

Here's My Promise to YOU!

I, Nia, promise to live up to my purpose if you, Mr /Ms Homeowner, will step up to the plate and give me* a call with the information that I need to help you. You want to stop the pain, get rid of the headache, unload the house? Great, I can help. Pick up the phone, give me* a call. 301-346-4394 It'll take 5 minutes, tops. What have you got to lose?

Right now, I'm actually in Mexico so Danny is taking all the calls and taking action (301-346-4394).

I was in
Maryland in the hinterlands of Allegheny county but I come from California. I've been involved with real estate for the past 6 years as an agent, broker, investor, marketer and personal assistant. We are most interested in houses in northern Virginia, PG County Howard County, and Montgomery County however we will buy anywhere in the metropolitan Washington DC area or anywhere in the USA,for that matter, if it is a win-win transaction. If everybody doesn't win, then we really don't want to play.

If you are like me then I know you work with what you have to get what you want by taking immediate action to do what it takes to meet and conquer challenge, so give me a call TODAY so that we can figure out TODAY exactly what I can do for you.

Generally, once I have the address, description, when you want to close and why you need to sell, I can get back to you with a solution in about 2-3 hours! Here's the number:

Call now if you are "ready 2 sell NOW"